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Get Aston Martin Valkyrie Uk
. The outrageous aston martin valkyrie has hit uk roads for the first time ahead of planned deliveries later this year. Aston martin is a british brand that's synonymous with opulence, but this automaker has never had a hypercar to call its own.

Aston Martin Valkyrie Gets Driven By Formula 1 Pros
Aston Martin Valkyrie Gets Driven By Formula 1 Pros from
The product of a unique innovation partnership between aston martin & red bull racing. Goodwin describes the valkyrie's development program as more reminiscent of the way red bull would develop its formula one car, where there's more reliance put on simulation than in mainstream automotive, meaning the. Aston martin valkyrie pro revealed.

The british outfit has been tasked with building the engine and admitted that the valkyrie will feature the most powerful naturally aspirated road car engine yet, with 1000bhp.

Aston's test driver tells us what it's like driving a 1,160bhp hybrid hypercar. Testing of the aston martin valkyrie hypercar has moved from the track to public roads in the united kingdom. One issue will be the aston martin valkyrie mpg, as 6.5l at 11,000 rpm will be thirsty. 2 ('gullwing') door coupé layout:

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